About Us

Double the production of your crops and manage your farms virtually with innovative AI based Technology of Crop2X.

We Have One Goal

To Maximize The Production Yield
Increase Profitability and Affordability

Crop2X is a versatile team of data scientists, hardware engineers, software developers and agronomy experts who combine artificial intelligence and ag-specific tools and trends to develop data-driven insights based on land, soil and weather conditions to create high-yield farms. 

Our platform provides detailed information to analyze and optimize day-to-day farm operations from ploughing to harvesting. Use of optimum quantity of fertilizers, early detection of anomalies, pest prediction, and real-time agronomic advisory can shield plants from tough conditions and enhance their use of resources.

Our Vision

Revolutionizing the agricultural landscape of Pakistan and beyond through technology and innovation.

Our Team

Ayesha Alam Khurram


Wamiq Hamid


Board of Advisors

Mazhar Ali

IR Farms

Aamer Hayat Bhandara

Co-Founder of Agriculture Republic and Digital Dera

Muhammad Tauseef Rab

Director of Engineering: Luminous Computing

Mahmood Nawaz Shah

Member Board of Directors at Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)

Virender Kumar

Project Manager Agriculture -

Laeeq Uz Zaman

Technical Advisor

Huma Zia

Assistant Professor at Abu Dhabi University

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