Deployment of sensor probes at Sarhari, Sanghar District, Sindh Pakistan.

The farmer is growing Mustard, Banana, Sugarcane, Wheat on his farm. He wanted our probes to be stationed on his land so that he can monitor his land through our satellite imagery, improve the condition of his farm by getting an irrigation schedule (water management), get the optimum level of crop yield, and of premium quality and manage his farm virtually.

Our Senior Agronomist, Shujaat Khanzada advised the farmer to use gypsum because the land was saline. He also identified that the seed was not sewn correctly in the soil and recommended weed management because the crop was getting minimum nutrient intake as compared to other crops which were free from weed.

Crop2x is providing a vital crop monitoring solution by keeping the growers up-to-date with the real-time information of the fields.

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