NARC G1 garlic the new variety of garlic

Throughout the word, the most used condiment is garlic. This vegetable has many anti-bacterial properties as well as health benefits. Garlic is used for various purposes, the most prominent of them is for cooking and medicine. By consuming just one clove of garlic per day you will start to feel the benefits right away. This has an adequate dosage of amino acids, saponins, vitamins, provitamins, mineral salts, and rare elements that are found in a small amount of garlic, which can take the place of many prescription medications. Gardeners can quickly and easily obtain a natural prebiotic that effectively combats a variety of illnesses, boosts immunity, and prevents infection by growing garlic under cover.

Pakistan being an agricultural country produces 70,925 tones from an area of 7,882 hectares with an average yield of 8.99 tons per hectare. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa is the major garlic-producing province with 32,205 tones, followed by Punjab (24,143 tones), Baluchistan (7,880 tones) and Sindh (6,557 tones). Since it the second most the second most widely used cultivated allium after onion, Pakistani scientist have come up with a new variety of garlic which is known as “G1 garlic” or “Elephant garlic”

What is G1 garlic?

G1 garlic is a hybrid garlic cultivated by Dr. Humayun Akhtar of National Agricultural Research Center Islamabad (NARC). It is Pakistan’s own variety of garlic made after the last 40 years. The NARC G1 garlic appears to be a large clove, but in reality, it is more closely related to a leek than actual garlic. It is a tough bulb that has enormous blue-green leaves. The large pink or purple stem of this perennial herb first appears in the spring or summer. A massive bulb made up of five to six large cloves surrounded by smaller bulblets grows below the bottom. Originating in Pakistan, this liliid monocot genus plant grows to a height of about three feet (about one meter) from the bulb to the tip of the strap-like leaves. The Garlic is an excellent source of vitamins E, C, and A. It also contains allicin, which has been known for its antibacterial properties.

The garlic has a highly profitable commercial value in Pakistan. It is the highest yielding garlic among the other variants in Pakistan. Its production has been recorded up to 250 million per acre this year. The sowing season is from October to November for the G1 garlic having growth duration of 6-7 months. The long shelf life of this variety is by far its greatest benefit. If kept in a bright, shaded area with stalks, it won’t go bad for a year. The general market price will rise significantly as well if the farmer stores it properly and sells it in the winter. 

The G1 garlic variety is the most popular among farmers, farmers are benefiting from the overall crop yield of garlic since it is in high demand by the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. NARC G1 garlic has yielded 24 Tonnes per hectare — the highest ever produced in the country as compared to other garlic cultivars grown locally -Dawn report. 

Furthermore, the income of farmers will rise as a result of low plant protection costs and increased yield potential, which will ultimately lower the cost of imports.

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