Satellite & IoT Based Weather and Crop Monitoring Plan


With our plan, you can increase the productivity of your field, save fertilizer and pesticides cost, and avoid the over and under-usage of water. With the help of our soil nutrients analysis, you can provide the exact amount of nutrients required in the field. Our pest prediction and control feature prevents the crops from pest attacks and provides on-time control recommendations as well. Real-time weather updates and forecasts in our device will help you to make day-to-day decisions related to your crops.

You can now subscribe to the monthly plan for 96 USD per month.


  • Satellite Imagery of your Farm
  • Satellite & Weather-based Crop Advisory
  • Weather Updates & Forecast through sensors
  • Crop Health Analysis
  • Digitization of Farm Operations
  • Farm-Specific Irrigation¬† Recommendations
  • Pest & Disease Detection
  • Weekly Reports
  • Sensor Probes
  • Soil Nutrients Analysis
  • Unlimited Chat/Call Support
  • Observe and forecast rainfall, humidity, temp and freezing conditions



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