Successful Installation of Sensor Probes at Farms of the Milliner’s Cotton Initiative Program for Artistic Milliners.

In collaboration with Artistic Milliners, Team Crop2x has successfully deployed sensor probes at farms of the Artistic Milliners MCI (Milliner’s Cotton Initiative) program.

Our sensor probes offer a detailed underground map in real-time. It offers the most accurate real-time data on soil quality, enabling farmers to grow better crops with fewer resources. Our services align with the Artistic Milliners MCI program’s objective of giving the industries cotton of standard quality.

Crop2x also works with the team WWF ( We discussed how we could help farmers through digitalization so that they would have all the tools necessary to deal with the issues they face.

We help farmers of Pakistan by providing real-time data on their farm, water prescription, pest prediction, pest alerts, and many other features of crop2x application to minimize the effects.

We believe in providing the industries assistance with our agri-tech tools so we can make the agriculture business in Pakistan more sustainable. 

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