Visit to Gadap Town (Papaya)

Crop2x visited GADAP TOWN and introduced soil probes in the papaya field to rigorously verify papaya needs, timely information, and health status. Water availability and pest infestation are the main obstacles for papayas. The introduction of technology in papaya cultivation can encourage farmers to increase their yields and income. 


The Crop2x team carefully monitors inputs to produce weekly reports on field conditions and works closely with farmers to provide recommendations from agronomists. So that they can find the ideal combination of fertilizers and their application rates, and provide complete fertilizer schedules, according to the crop growth stages.


The reason to visit the town is that the farmers had a general lack of awareness of micronutrients in the soil, which only came to the fore when crops fell sick because of micronutrient deficiency. The farmers were able to correctly map soil profiles with crop suitability, revealing some knowledge of the relationship between chemical attributes of soil and crop requirements. So, the team sees this as a great opportunity as the farmers knew the soil well.

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