Crop2x Mobile Platform Uses Satellite Imagery to Track Crop Health

Farmers all over the world face a variety of difficulties when producing food. Rapid population growth, resource depletion, soil degradation, decreased land use, and a growing water shortage all require adjustments in order to produce enough food. Increasing farm production is necessary to satisfy the present and future demands of a population that is expanding globally. This work must be done in a quality and sustainable manner to meet environmental and food safety requirements. 

Another challenge facing today’s farmers is climate change, which forces them to modify their production in response to rising risks from extreme weather (such as hail, drought, heavy rain, and soil erosion). Unpredictability in the prices of agricultural commodities is another effect of climate change, in addition to unfavorable weather conditions. 

Global economic factors, such as varying commodity prices and trade disputes, as well as the possibility that weather, insects, or disease will affect a harvest, make a farmer’s decisions more difficult.

Despite the significant global risks to agricultural production, there are ways to address these risks through monitoring, analysis, and the use of sustainable agricultural practices. Crop2x assists farmers in managing potential farm risks as well as monitoring total farm production. The free software offers monitoring services on more than 100 different crops and enables farmers to keep an eye on all field activities, including the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and irrigation systems, as well as robust analyses of the entire farm output.

Crop2x has been helping farmers through their software significantly. The application helped them cut down their fertilizer and pesticide, the software is providing farmers with free satellite imagery for their crops with customized irrigation schedules, weather forecasts, and a personalized event calendar to keep track of all their activities. The services play a vital role in maintaining and improving crop health, by monitoring the crops digitally with satellite imagery provides an accurate estimation of water requirements for the crops which assists in better irrigation and results in better farm management.

We know Pakistan is facing a serious problem with water scarcity. It is primarily caused by climate change (droughts and floods) and inadequate water management in the agricultural sector. This had an impact on the nation’s agriculture, causing crops to rot. The problem can be successfully solved through sustainable water management. Crop2x application provides free irrigation schedules that help in increasing the crop yield and limiting the fertilizer cost by controlling water logging. In the long run, farmers benefit from irrigation schedules as they prevent crops from getting spoiled.

Sixty percent of the population of Pakistan is directly or indirectly reliant upon rain-fed agriculture that depends on predictable weather patterns. Global climate change affects our agriculture and its impacts seem to increase daily. Pakistan produces wheat, rice, cotton, sugarcane, and maize and these crops are affected by climate change. Through Crop2x Accurate weather forecast data, farmers can determine when they should work most efficiently in their day-to-day operations resulting in increased crop productivity.

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