Frost Damage in Crops

Agricultural productivity is highly dependent upon weather conditions.  Thus, water availability, air pollution, and temperature also have a large impact on agriculture. The crop gets infected when the outer temperature gets lowered, the production of crops is reduced and affects the quality of the crop.

The effect of environmental change on our agricultural systems is undoubtable. For instance, a dry season followed by serious rain can increase the flooding potential and favour fungal infestations of leaves, roots, and tuber crops.

Cold stress

Cold or chilling stress experienced by plants varies from 0 to 15°C, prompting significant harvest losses. Various types of crops of tropical or subtropical origin are injured or killed by non-freezing low temperatures and show various indications such as poor germination, stunted seedlings, reduced leaf expansion. In general, crops from temperate climatic regions are to be considered as chilling tolerant with a variable degree compared to tropical and subtropical crops and can increase their freezing tolerance by cold acclimation.

Management of the environment

Climate changes influence all parts of crop production including crop area and crop intensity. Weather predictions and crop yield data provide a significant warning to local growers in preparation for the forthcoming season. From the data, local growers can change the crop planting date, adjust the fertilization and the irrigation cycles to obtain reasonable yields, thus reducing the risk of unexpected events.

Crop2x provides a vital crop Monitoring solution, Weather prediction, Crop yield data, Irrigation Schedule and keeps the growers up-to-date with the real-time information of the fields.

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