the Hanifa Jamil’s guide about Precision Farming

The precision farming system helps farmers to establish a profitable crop management system. Traditional farming methods combined with advanced technology can reduce farmers’ dependency on hazardous chemPesticides icals. This technology is very beneficial from an economic and environmental perspective. Currently, agricultural practices are based on pesticides use that causes numerous serious problems. Several companies are …

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Yellow Rust in wheat

In Pakistan, there are 50 diseases of wheat and out of them, Yellow Rust disease is the most economically important. It is found in almost all wheat-growing areas in Sindh and Punjab.

Mango Mealy Bug

Mealybugs are sucking bugs, delicate bodied, oval-molded, and cottony in appearance. Mealybugs are found on leaves, stems, roots, and fruits covered like whitish powder. The mango mealybugs suck an immense quantity of sap from all sections of the tree. Lately in Pakistan mealybugs are intensely invading the mango tree. NATURE OF DAMAGE Clusters of mealybugs …

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Frost Damage in Crops

Agricultural productivity is highly dependent upon weather conditions.  Thus, water availability, air pollution, and temperature also have a large impact on agriculture. The crop gets infected when the outer temperature gets lowered, the production of crops is reduced and affects the quality of the crop. The effect of environmental change on our agricultural systems is …

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