the Hanifa Jamil’s guide about Precision Farming

The precision farming system helps farmers to establish a profitable crop management system.

Traditional farming methods combined with advanced technology can reduce farmers’ dependency on hazardous chemPesticides icals. This technology is very beneficial from an economic and environmental perspective.

Currently, agricultural practices are based on pesticides use that causes numerous serious problems. Several companies are selling and promoting the use of chemicals as a solution for crops problems. There is a dire need to use advanced techniques that can prevent us from economically and environmentally dangerous use of pesticides. Crop2x is one of the best ag-tech companies that introduce modern technologies in agriculture and encourage precision farming. Also, they create awareness about digital innovation in agriculture.

Why do today farmers need to take up precision farming?

  • Precision farming is a management system based on modern technologies, including remote sensing, a global positioning system (GPS), geographic information system (GIS), yield monitoring, and mapping.
  • Precision farming can help farmers to get data & information about soil characteristics, monitoring, and mapping yield.
  • It helps farmers to maximize profit and decrease production costs.
  • Help farmers to adopt the environment’s preferred precision farming to protect food security.
  • Today’s farmers are likely to adopt precision farming rapidly to take more and more advantage of new technologies.

What do Crop2X Do?

Crop2X plays an essential part in promoting precision farming which has proved very successful and continuously moving towards innovation in agriculture. Crop2X believes in using modern technologies or digital innovations in agriculture to have a significant impact on agriculture. Crop2X has an incredible & multi talented team who gives their best in this sensational revolution in Pakistan’s agriculture sector. Crop2X implemented its goals in the agriculture world very efficiently. They deployed its sensor probes in different farms. Recently, they located a sensor probe at Sadiqabad. Moreover, this October, they introduced their soil probes in papayas, resulting in surprisingly reduced pest infestation and production quality also improved, giving farmers motivation to emphasize precision farming for good production quality. Also, they spread awareness regarding “Precision Agriculture & Modern Farming” by hosting workshops in different sectors of Pakistan. Let the journey continue and step forward in transforming the agriculture sector of Pakistan.

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